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Serving Others Process Service, DBA is based in Oneonta NY and provides service across Chenango, Schoharie, Sullivan, Broome, Delaware, and Otsego counties. Our professional New York process servers are proud to serve due process to the residents when and where you need.

We are a sole proprietorship owned and operated by process server Daniel Smith, who is also a New York State licensed security officer and former U.S. Army military policeman. This combination of experience sets us apart from other process servers. Our unique skill set and techniques give us an advantage over others in the area. We will handle all your legal documents with professionalism.

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What is a Process Server?

Process servers legally notify an individual, defendant, or party of their involvement in a court proceeding or other matter.

Process servers act on behalf of either a court judge, a lawyer, or even law enforcement agencies giving notice to the people of their “due process rights” with several techniques and skills to accomplish these goals for their clients.

Service Area

We provide reliable and efficent process service throughout the following counties:

  • Chenango County, NY
  • Schoharie County, NY
  • Sullivan County, NY
  • Broome County, NY
  • Delaware County, NY
  • Otsego County, NY

Our Services

Due Process Notifications

Due Process is the principle of fairness in all legal matters. It is adhered by alerting all those who are involved in a legal case. Our professionalism, dedication, and experience allows us to deliver these notices effectively.

Eviction Notices

When someone is evicted, they are lawfully removed as a tenant of a property. Evictions can not be performed without a court order. We understand the stress that comes with being a property owner burdened with tenants that won’t pay or break lease agreements. That is where we come in, to get your eviction notices served swiftly.

Courier Services

Our reliable couriers will pick up and deliver your legal documents, packages, and other parcels to the intended location in an accurate and timely manner. We are accustomed to handling sensitive documents, so you can be sure that your deliveries are in trusted hands.

Court Summons/Subpeonas

A document that can be issued in both civil and criminal cases, ordering an individual to appear or testify in court. Our experience in serving these documents allows us to find even the most evasive defendants, getting them to court so your case can continue in a timely fashion.

Jury Summons

Issued by the court requesting the appearance of an individual to attend and be available for duty on a jury at a designated place, time, and date. It is important that the summons is delivered promptly and to the correct person. Our research prior to a serve and attention to detail guarantees that the right party receives their documents.


Sometimes a defendant proves to be evasive or hard to serve. We offer stakeout services to determine when the individual will be home in order to properly serve them. We use the utmost discretion as to not tip off the defendant.

Child Custody/Support Documents

Child custody and support cases are time-sensitive and must be handled with the utmost care. We will deliver these documents to the intended party quickly in order to get you the results you seek.

Divorce Summons

These legal documents inform the other spouse that a divorce was filed, if anything is being asked for (alimony, custody, etc), and sets out any deadlines. We deliver these summons with the utmost professionalism as they are sensitive.

Divorce Decrees

The court's final ruling and order that make the legal end of a marriage official. These documents finalize each party's duties pertaining to the divorce. It is important that these are delivered in a timely fashion so each individual is aware of their rights.

Accepted Payments

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you! We make it easy for our clients by offering communicative services and accepting most forms of payment. We accept Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Check, Cash, Cash Apps, and Facebook Messenger Money Transfer.

Standard Serve

*One party
$15 extra per attempt made beyond 3 attempts.

Multiple Parties

Same Residence
$15 extra per attempt made beyond 3 attempts.

Eviction Notices

Prices Vary
Due to circumstances in the amount of attempts, distance and duration at the site of the eviction.
Call to discuss.


Additional $20.00 fee for 16 hours.
Additional $50.00 fee for 24 hours.

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